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a giant bush snail on a concrete surface

African giant land snail

Discover the excellence of our offering: robust, delectable, organically-nurtured, and ethically-raised Giant snails. Within our selection, you’ll find an array of choices including:

Live Snails for Rearing: Our live snails are meticulously chosen for their health and vitality, making them ideal for nurturing in your own environment. With our snails, you have the opportunity to oversee their development and create a thriving snail community.

Fresh Snails for Consumption: Enjoy the delightful taste of fresh snails grown with care. These succulent snails are cultivated using natural methods, resulting in a delectable culinary experience. Savor the flavors of nature’s bounty with every bite.

over 15,000 pieces available

Foster snail farms

Location: Lagos island

Contact number: 09159739331